Fishing on the Salmon and Snake Rivers

Photo Credits: Killgore ADventures

Guided Fishing Trips on the Snake and Salmon Rivers


Photo Credits: Killgore Adventures

SALMON FISHING ……………….. May through June

STEELHEAD FISHING …………… September through March

STURGEON FISHING ……………. April through October

TROUT & BASS FISHING ………. April through October

SMALL MOUTH BASS ………………..September through March

White Bird Idaho Fishing Outfitters:

Killgore Adventures – Salmon River and Snake River

Hammer Down River Excursions – Lower Salmon River

A Winter Day on the Salmon River

While everyone else might be running about getting last-minute Holiday gifts, or dashing to the airport to wade through security to catch a flight home, here along the banks of the Salmon River outside of White Bird Idaho, ice chunks float by, but it is calm and delightful!

Yikes! Weather temps dipped last night into the low 20′s!  Daytime temps, as indicated by my trusty Oregon Scientific Weather Station, shows we’ve warmed up to 30 degrees here at 11o’clock in the morning. Better get out the shades for a Winter walk, ‘cuz  our beautiful Idaho blue skies make it a dazzling day.

Amazingly, I saw a drift boat float by earlier this morning, with its oarsman bundled up. The guy is either enjoying the crisp morning, or a fisherman hoping to throw out a line to snag a steelhead !  Why that’s amazing is because the boat has to dodge the ice chunks floating on top of the Salmon River.  Sorry, didn’t get a pic of the boat, but you get a sense of the day from these images.

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