Art Guild Holds Thunder Gourd Class

The Salmon River Art Guild (SRAG) held a thunder gourd class April 22nd taught by Alan Sweeney and Duane.

The class was held at the Gresham Studio in White Bird with 9 students attending.   The photos show the handiwork of attendees…

Why the name thunder gourd?  Some information about the making of these gourds:

The best shape for the gourd is a long neck variety like a bottle gourd.  The bottom of the gourd is cut and cleaned out, and the inside painted black. The cut edge is sanded flat so an acetate sheet can be glued to the bottom to make the drum sound.  Different shapes are cut in the side to help with the sound.  It is decorated with wood burning and dyes.  Once the acetate is glued,  it is trimmed to fit the gourd.  Then a long wire spring is inserted in the center.  When the gourd is shaken it sounds just like thunder.

(“Thank you” to SRAG member, Kathryn Van Acker, for the photos and write-up.)

If you would like to try to make your very own thunder gourd, watch for the next class offered by the SRAG.  Here is a website link which explains more about these gourds and offers supplies.