Canyon House Celebrates 13th Anniversary

Canyon House Celebrates 13th Anniversary

Espresso – Gifts
Fully Stocked Liquor Store
2 Bedroom Vacation Rental

March 19th & 20th

Come celebrate with us and enjoy a free cup of
our “in-house” coffee
and our homemade cookies.

You may be a lucky Door Prize Winner!!!

All Gift Items Will be 10 to 75% Off!
All Jewelry & Scarves 35% Off!

As always, we try to support our area by making this a
“FUN STORE IN A SMALL TOWN”.  We help with many
in our area for the betterment of our town.  It takes
lots of work
and volunteering to make this area a great
place to live,
and we hope we are contributing.

Thanks for your support
over the last 13 years!
Joaquin, Verna, and Nicole Lowe

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